All About Genesis Gems

All About Genesis Gems

This living, evolving post details how gems work and what to expect in terms of activation. Please read this document carefully.

Not all gems can be activated yet - implementing them requires some additional functionality which the RMRK team is currently building.

Some gems are single-use and are burned on use. This is indicated in the descriptions below!

When a certain gem can be activated, we will post on our Twitter, our announcement Telegram, our community Kanaria telegram, and our NFT telegram community, as well as our newsletter and the blog.

Note that some gems in this list do not exist on the market because no bird rolled them in the initial hatching distribution. They will be available on the RMRK Gem marketplace in the near future.

⚠ If you have any questions about the gems at any point, please reach out to the team via email, or via Telegram.

How to obtain gems

RMRK will add a gem shop soon where you will be able to use KSM, RMRK, and Voucher gems to obtain certain other gems for your bird(s). Some will only be obtainable with Vouchers, others with KSM/RMRK.

In the meanwhile, because gems are non-transferable, you buy them by buying the bird that owns the gem you want - the bird is the owner, and the gem travels with it.

To find all birds with a certain gem for sale, click on a gem's "view all" list (next to each heading in this post) and inspect the parent (container bird) of each gem to see if it's for sale. This searching process will be made much simpler soon, stay tuned.

A note on Gem Rarity

Most of these gems have a constant maximum number. This means that as one Hermes is burned, another may appear on the marketplace after a delay. It is thus game-theoretically possible that someone hoards all Hermes and no more can be created (a totally legal monopoly).

Note: other gems might have a maximum minting supply total, so for example, if that's 250, then even if 250 have been burned, no more can be minted. The price of these might be placed on a curve, as in, the later a gem was made, the more expensive it is (in RMRK or KSM) until the last one is most expensive, but they will still cost 1 voucher (see below).

Some of the gems on the other hand will be minted in a slow, dripping fashion, e.g. five new Odals per month, purchasable for KSM, RMRK, or Vouchers. Mostly, we'll be coming up with new gems to put onto your birds.

Voucher gems (traits)

Voucher gems (also known as Traits) can be redeemed for some genesis gems from the list below (to be detailed on the gems marketplace when it launches), and for a variety of gems we've yet to add.

We originally called (and minted on-chain) all the Gems under the name Traits. We apologize for the confusion - the names are interchangeable.

The gem mechanics will extend long into the future of RMRK and Kanaria and into related metaverses, will have featured partnerships, and more. There will be a dedicated gem marketplace on Kanaria which will allow purchashing them with RMRK, KSM, or Vouchers, but a large part of gems will only be redeemable for vouchers. Notably, new mints of Genesis-level gems like Caishen and similar.

The Vouchers will also be usable for new items we'll launch in the future. These items will be tradable, unlike gems.

Bragi (view all) ✅ ACTIVE

The Bragi gem allows you to upload custom artwork to your bird. Since all RMRK NFTs are multi-resource, they can have different outputs. For example, if you check Bird 0001, you will notice it looks different. This is because it has three different resources: a beautiful cyberpunk illustration by Paola Tuazon, a movie of a statuette, and the rendered SVG bird.

The owner of a multi-resource NFT can define the rendering priority - which one of these is shown first. By changing your priority to be something other than the SVG render, you make your bird stand out without sacrificing any functionality (your Njordson gems, item boosts for metaverse etc. stay active).

The Bragi gem is already manually usable. Please contact us via gems@rmrk.app to get your secondary artwork approved (we will filter profanity, copyright infringement, and unrelated / unappropriate art), and we'll follow up with instructions.

Note that commissioning art for this is the Bragi user's responsibility. RMRK will merely issue a transaction which will propose a new resource to the NFT owner. The NFT owner then has to accept the additional visual.

  • 🔥 A Bragi gem is burned on use.

Odal (view all)

Odal allows the owner to apply a name to their bird. This can be re-applied if the owner obtains another Odal later on, allowing for name changes. A named bird will no longer be called "Bird 0031", but something the gem's user chooses, like "Mr. Featherfluff" or, if you got a sponsorship deal, "Coca Cola bird".

  • 🔥 An Odal gem is burned on use.

Kokopelli (view all) ✅ ACTIVE

Early-access gem lets you in on private sales (if any) of upcoming projects launching on or with RMRK.

At any given time, RMRK will have access to information about upcoming projects, partners that want to build on our stack, or even NFT projects from outside the space. This gem lets you use that "alpha".

In the case of RMRK partner projects, you can even get in on the ground floor on a priority basis, so invest in a seed round or be granted first right of purchase in case of very popular collections.

Once you take advantage of an alpha - whether you end up investing or not - your Kokopelli is used up and you need to get another one to be notified of new opportunities.

To activate your Kokopelli, please contact us. The process is as follows:

  • subscribe to NFT Review

  • keep an eye out for "Kokopelli" in the newsletter, which will mention that RMRK has some "alpha" available

  • If this alpha seems interesting, and you have had your kokopelli equipped for the last 30 days, email us.

  • We will then require you to burn your Kokopelli in order to be given more information. The RMRK team will facilitate and guarantee early access to this opportunity, should you choose to use it. Whether you participate in this alpha after being given more information or not, your Kokopelli is used up.

A note on "doxing": while a kokopelli gem does require you to reach out via email so we can communicate, this email can be anon as all we care about is your ability to cryptographically prove you own a Kokopelli bird. This is all doable anonymously.

  • 🔥 A Kokopelli gem is burned on use.

Daikoku (view all) / Daikokuchan (view all) / Daikokuchanchan (view all)

Once RMRK 2.0 NFTs launch on Singular.rmrk.app, there will be a commission applied. This gem and its lesser siblings remove this commission from Singular, either forever, or for a time period.

Note: buyer pays commission on RMRK, not seller.

The release of RMRK 2.0 functionality on Singular is planned for Q4.

  • 💎 A Daikoku gem is active while equipped.

  • 🔥 A Daikokuchan gem is burned on use.

  • 🔥 A Daikokuchanchan gem is burned on use.

Caishen (view all)

With a growing diversity of media types and ever increasing sizes of files which, with the advent of RMRK 2, can also be nested and contain multiple files at once, hosting users' NFT resources on IPFS and pinning them globally via commercial services and our own nodes is becoming more and more expensive.

For that reason, as soon as RMRK 2.0 is enabled on the Singular.rmrk.app marketplace, a hosting fee will be applied to new mints based on the size of their resources. The minimum will be $1. For a large collection of, say, 5000 NFTs whic also have different resources, this can rapidly snowball.

Having this gem equipped in an owned bird completely frees the owner account from paying this fee, within an acceptable range as deemed by RMRK (e.g. you cannot delegate / sell this on, that's considered abuse. You also cannot use us as your personal cloud storage.)

  • 💎 This gem is active while equipped.

Caerus Prime (view all) / Caerus 2 (view all) / Caerus 3 (view all)

Lootboxes are sets of random standalone NFTs compatible with Kanaria. This means you can get gems, equippables, and even fungible tokens randomly in a lootbox of a certain type.

  • 🔥 A Caerus Prime / 2 / 3 gem is burned on use.


Free access to all RMRK online and in-person events, for as long as you have it equipped.

  • 💎 A Hermes gem is active while equipped.

Can also be activated (burned) as a one-time voucher for the VIP entry, hotel lodging and reasonable travel cost reimbursement (as deemed by the RMRK association and subject to individual approval) to any in-person RMRK-organized public event. If you would like to use this gem in this way, please first contact us.

  • 🔥 A Hermes gem is burned on use.

Njord / Njordson ✅ ACTIVE

The coveted Njord and Njordson gems give the wearer a part of RMRK's revenue for life of the blockchain, project, company, crystal, or bird - whichever dies first. Njord gives 0.5%, Njordson gives 0.1%. The total for all gems of this type was supposed to be 20%, but 3 founders never hatched their eggs, so those Njordsons died with their birds. The total amount of team revenue that will be shared is therefore 19.7%. But revenue of what?

RMRK has several sources of revenue:

  • staking the egg sale treasury

  • staking from the multi-sig (HKKT5DjFaUE339m7ZWS2yutjecbUpBcDQZHw2EF7SFqSFJH)

  • commission and royalties from Singular, Kanaria, and other projects (deposited into the multi-sig)

  • partner programs and launches, charged as a service fee or a sale commission

  • item and gem launches on Kanaria

Future potential income includes but is not limited to:

  • consulting for other NFT projects and platforms

  • building alternative revenue-focused apps and platforms like a dedicated auction house site

  • metaverse land sale

  • etc.

Our expenses, like infrastructure, salaries, legal, contractors, art, and so on, are all paid from the egg sale treasury.

Once per month - typically in the first week of the month - a report will be published, accessible only by accounts that hold birds which have Njord or Njordson equipped. The gem must be equipped for the entire duration of the month. The gem's "cost" is one less gem slot, so it must be consistently equipped.

Note: we will void this always-on requirement for the month of September 2021, due to these instructions being published well into the month.

This Njordson Report will be accessible via the main navigation on Kanaria.rmrk.app, or direct link access at Kanaria.rmrk.app/report. To be informed when a new Njordson Report has been published, follow our Twitter, our announcement Telegram, our community Kanaria telegram, or our NFT telegram community, as well as our newsletter and the blog.

The profits of the multi-sig's staking, commission, and royalties are what Njord and Njordson holders are entitled to. This means 19.7% of:

  • all commission and royalties from both Singular and Kanaria

  • all sales profits from RMRK-launched items and gems

  • all staking profits on the multi-sig (to be turned into a validator soon)

  • 20% of staking profits on the treasury's stake

If you approximate just 1% of Opensea's volume on Singular / Kanaria within 12 months, that's 33 million in volume per month, or 1155 USD for every Njordson (0.1%) holder. This is from commissions alone, not counting sales and staking profits. For reference, in two weeks of its life, Kanaria alone did 1.4 million USD in volume.

The commission is paid out in the currency it was earned, regardless of relative dollar value. An item paid with 100 RMRK is 5 RMRK in earnings, regardless of RMRK value, so Njord/son holders get the proportional amount of RMRK.

  • 💎 This gem is active while equipped.


Distribution is currently manual and documented in each individual Njordson report unless stated otherwise, and will soon transition to smart contracts and a full pull mechanic.

What if there's an "exit"?

We won't pretend we're able to resist any and all temptation. If a protocol or company comes in and offers each of us co-founders 30 ~~10~~ million and another ~~20~~ 50 million for the rest of the team to divide to absorb our tech, brand, and products into their suite, we'll think about it. It's not without precedent.

The protocol will remain and stay open source for others to hack on, but we could probably be bribed out of working on this, NGL. In that case, we commit to each putting 20% of our personal profit from such a deal towards a Njord/son treasury. The gem holders effectively become the fifth co-founder to exit with us. Just putting this out there to be clear on the terms in advance and avoid drama in the unlikely edge case this happens.

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