An Update on RMRK Token Claims

An Update on RMRK Token Claims

The Statemine chain currently has a problem in that it does not work with Multi-signature accounts. RMRK's account is a multi-signature account. A fix is in progress in this PR.

After this fix is applied, it will take up to a week for it to land in Statemine - it depends on how fast the Kusama Council adds it to the upgrade queue, votes it in, and the community confirms the vote.

But... We're almost there! 🎉

You can keep an eye on whether or not this has already happened by:

Claim Process

Rather than make you wait for a custom claims UI like originally intended, we have decided to automatically distribute the tokens to your Statemine addresses instead. No action will be necessary from your end.


🚨 The tokens will go to the SAME address which holds the eggs, but ON THE STATEMINE CHAIN where the token is generated. Substrate chains (like Kusama, Polkadot, Statemine etc.) can reuse the same wallet! 🚨


Here's what will happen:

  1. We will seed your account with ~0.0001 KSM. We will send you this KSM, no action is needed on your part. This is necessary because accounts with no KSM do not exist in "chain terms" and cannot recieve tokens. The account address will be the SAME as the one you used for interactions with Kanaria, the chains share the addresses. You can use one wallet / address to interact with both Kusama an Statemine.
  2. We will send you the allocated amount of tokens very soon after minting. We'll do some testing with our own balances first and check that everything is fine, then send out to all others.
  3. Your balance will become visible on Singular.rmrk.app and Kanaria.rmrk.app in the header, and on Kanaria's tokens page.
  4. You can send your tokens out of your address by going to the Asset Balances page on Statemine and picking the asset in the number 8, RMRK. This will list all accounts of yours that have the tokens, and from there you'll be able to send them. Remember point 1 - only accounts on Statemine with more than 0.000003 KSM in them can recieve RMRK tokens.

What about claiming to different addresses?

Originally we wanted to make a claim UI which would let you input a custom address to get the tokens to an address different to the one you have eggs on. This would have slowed down other development, so we chose not to pursue this option.

However, if you would really like to do this, please fill out this form before August 15th and keep in mind that it might take up to 1 week extra to deliver your tokens, plus any time we might have to spend correcting your inputs (it requires cryptographically signing a message).

The whole process is also documented as a step by step video here: https://youtu.be/IhAzVLJms0A

I lost access to my wallet, what now?

As stated in the faq a while back, since there is no way to prove you owned an address without owning that address, your tokens and your birds are lost. There is no way for us to recover them for you.

Will I see my balance in the Polkadot Extension?

The extension is just a key store, it stores your account keys encrypted with a password. It is not, and never will be a Metamask alternative, and will never show any balances for any chain, because it never connects to any chain. Connections happen in user interfaces people build FOR a specific chain, and those interfaces then ask the extension for access to the address and key.

So: no, you will NOT see your tokens or your KSM in the extension, ever. See points 3 and 4 above for how to read your token balance and send the tokens to other addresses, including exchange addresses.

Can I import my account into a mobile wallet to see my tokens?

No, currently there are no mobile wallets that support custom tokens. It is next on Fearless' roadmap, so should not be far off, but at this point in time, RMRK tokens will not be usable or visible in Fearless.

What should Kucoin users do?

Nothing, just wait. Because all your eggs are in your Kucoin account, and Kucoin stores them all in one address, all tokens will go to their address. It is then up to them to distribute the tokens to you. This shouldn't take more than a few days, but for specific timelines and requirements you'll have to talk to them.

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