Njordson Report - October 2021

Njordson Report - October 2021

Njord and Njordson are Kanaria gems that give their holders (technically, the holders of the NFT birds holding the gems) 19.7% of revenue from the RMRK team's future profits. For details, please see linked post.

⚠ Remember! You MUST keep your Njordson equipped ALL month to be eligible for the drop. If you unequipped the gem at any point during the month, you will be skipped in that month's payouts and forfeit your share. If you bought a Njordson and the previous owner had it unequipped at any point in time, you also do not qualify and have to wait until the next month!

In October, we earned 316.55167561 KSM from staking. After expenses, we were left with 222.81386455 KSM.

20% of that is: 44.56277291.

Furthermore, the income from commissions, royalties, and banner sales during October was 1534.67495 (amount on last block of Oct 30th: 9900295) - 1019.69069 (amount on first block of Oct 1st: 9458087) = 514.98426 KSM.

Putting it together and applying percentages, the profit per gem is:

| Gem | Staking Profit per gem | Commission / Royalty profit per gem | Total per gem | | - | -| - | -| | Njord (0.5%) | 0.22281386455 KSM | 2.5749213 KSM | 2.79773516455 KSM | | Njordson (0.1%) | 0.04456277291 KSM | 0.51498426 KSM | 0.55954703291 KSM |

Here is the full list of recipients and their amounts for October. The KSM will be sent out as soon as the multi-sig call is approved (it is currently pending).

Fun fact, the top earner (excluding the RMRK NFT treasury) is: HLwi44XH6QSr3aSyp1YWghkUMgjEC5PcXQTrGLPZMf1vtZL with a whopping 5.59 KSM! 🎉

In total, RMRK is distributing 110.2307655 KSM (~50200 USD in current value) in profits to Njord/son holders in October.

In order to be informed of future Njordson reports, please:

  • follow us via any of our announcement channels: on our Twitter, our announcement Telegram, our community Kanaria telegram, and our NFT telegram community, as well as our newsletter and the blog.
  • log into Kanaria with the address which contains your Njord/son bird.
  • go to Info -> Report, or just hit the Report link
  • Read the reports you're eligible for (only eligible ones will be listed) by clicking on them and decrypting the content with your Polkadot.js extension (you will be asked for your password). This is because we encrypt the report to only be available to Njord/son holders, others cannot view the content

Getting a Njord/son gem

You can only get a Njord/son gem by buying a bird which holds one. To find all Njord/son gems for sale, go to the Gems catalog in Kanaria and find the one you want, then click on it. The table underneath the Gem's image will contain a list of all such gems for sale.

What if my Njord/son bird is with Kucoin?

Kucoin have had instructions on how to send birds out since August, and they have been processing withdrawals since, but it is possible some birds still haven't left their nest.

If you had a Njord/son bird in Kucoin, please talk to their support about claiming the KSM that was sent to the address.

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