RMRK February Banners, stylishly delayed

RMRK February Banners, stylishly delayed

We just launched the February 2022 collection of RMRK banners.

Everyone who had the full set of the previous ones (all 15) got 4 of them automatically airdropped. Those with 13/14 got 3, and those with 10-12 got 2 of the banners airdropped.

Starting with Feb, the banners are RMRK2 and will be published on Singular.app exclusively. We will enable the migration of RMRK1 banners into RMRK2 soon, and now that they are RMRK2 NFTs they might even get an extra resource or two over time - stay tuned.

Dutch Auctions

This launch of the banners was delayed because we were finishing a crucial anti-bot launching measure: Dutch Auctions.

A Dutch Auction is one that starts high and then periodically lowers the price until purchased. This will be clearly indicated alongside every Dutch-auctioned NFT.

Right now, Dutching an NFT is reserved for RMRK-launched NFTs, but soon we will allow select others to launch Dutch Auctions through our Auctioneer escrow account. More information to follow soon...


The full list of Feb banners:




RMRK2 Dark

RMRK2 Light

March Batch

The March batch will, this time, come in March (gasp!) - but depending on the success of the Dutch auction mechanism, we will decide whether or not to sell them this way again. Stay tuned. Next time, we'll also be ready to tell you a bit more about the bannerverse.

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How to understad RMRK2 NFTs? Why not just test them?!

How to understad RMRK2 NFTs? Why not just test them?!

The setup of RMRK2 allows for soulbond, nested and even equippable v2NFTs. And much more. The v2NFTs or v2NFT-Sets can be easy to understand or pretty

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Singular Incident postmortem 03.09.2022

Singular Incident postmortem 03.09.2022

On 02.09.2022 we had to stop sales on Singular NFT marketplace for 24 hours due to a series of events described below. To explain to you what happened

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Switch to 2.0 - Why you should do it ASAP

Switch to 2.0 - Why you should do it ASAP

Hi Donkey Gang Finally the collection has successfully switched to the Rmrk2.0 protocol! We are very happy with this and the many compliments receive