The First Bifrost LSD Challenge Launches at Polkadot 2023 Spring Hackathon

The First Bifrost LSD Challenge Launches at Polkadot 2023 Spring Hackathon

On April 22, Bifrost and Encode jointly announced Bifrost will serve as one of the initiators of the Challenge of the Encode x Polkadot Spring 2023 Hackathon!

Together we will aim to provide the required resources for the builders of the Polkadot ecosystem, accelerate Web3 innovation, and increase decentralized applications development.

Encode x Polkadot Spring 2023 Hackathon

The Encode x Polkadot Hackathon is an online hackathon dedicated to building Web3 projects on Polkadot. The event is divided into two stages, the first stage is technical education and workshop, while the second stage is a formal hackathon developer competition. The hackathon is currently in the first stage.

For developers who already have Polkadot development experience, this stage can help their quickly recharge and gain some sort of inspiration before participating in the hackathon; on the other hand, this series of workshops from the basic knowledge to the technical details, will help the beginners to grow rapidly.

Workshop: Building LSD Use-cases on Bifrost

On April 24th, Bifrost was invited to participate in the Workshop held by Encode: Building LSD Use Cases on Bifrost. Developers who are keen on the LSD track are welcome to actively participate. The full version of the Workshop review: https://youtu.be/F1nHBRj3hNo

This is a workshop around building vToken application scenarios and extending services. Listing some possibilities to inspire everyone:

For details, we have already published two articles, over the last two weeks:

Bifrost LSD Challenge Incentives

After this Workshop, we will carry out the LSD Challenge.
Developers can form a team to develop LSD derivative applications and extended services around vToken. Bifrost will provide $2,500 worth of BNC rewards to the winning development team.

Sign up now: https://www.encode.club/polkadot-hackathon

The LSD Challenge will be held as part of the Encode x Polkadot Hackathon in parallel with the overall event. The event will go through the steps of project submission, preliminary review, roadshow, and selection, and finally, a winner will be produced.


Bifrost strongly believes that LSD is the basic layer of staking services: Building LSD assets is only the first jump in a sea of possible services that could be provided, from application scenarios to extended services of LSD. From product design to operation strategy, Bifrost pays great attention to fully expanding the operational scenarios of vToken, building more comprehensive extension services around it.

Only with a clear thinking and strategy about More on vToken can Beyond vToken be achieved. Through this hackathon, we hope to inspire fellow developers and explore together innovative applications of LSD assets.

vDOT - Benefits and Use Cases of Bifrost’s Principal Liquid Staking Asset


Increased rewards for the Polkadot Unlock Harvest campaign !

Increased rewards for the Polkadot Unlock Harvest campaign !

Did someone say increased rewards? Hell YeahThe reward pool of our Polkadot Unlock Harvest campaign has increased to 500,000 $BNC If you haven’t joine


vDOT is now supported on Polkadot OpenGov! 🎉

vDOT is now supported on Polkadot OpenGov! 🎉

DOT Stakers on Bifrost can retain their Voting Power. This significant milestone enhances our services to a trifecta of unique options on Bifrost:Liqu